Be aware:
Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hair as much as 95%.
• Treatments are performed anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks in between sessions.
• The treatment outcome isn’t lasting forever. Hair grows in indeterminate cycles, and it requires to be caught in the development phase for the procedure to be reliable. It does minimize hair development up to 80%.
• A post-zap breakout is possible, since the treatment leaves hair follicles open for a couple of days. An OTC hydrocortisone cream or antibacterial cream will prevent acnes.
• Tanning – from either the sun or tanning cream – is not allowed prior to a laser treatment, given that darker skin absorbs the light before it can reach the roots.
Skin-helping tips:
• The area needs to be clear of any lotion or deodorant and ought to be clean shaven before each treatment.
• Avoid any techniques of hair elimination besides shaving two weeks prior to a treatment.
• 1 week after your first treatment you need to exfoliate the area with a mild scrub to help loosen the shedding hair.
• Avoid chlorine, salt water and the sun, for a week after laser hair removal (to avoid inflammation and burning.)
Laser hair removal preparation
• Avoid waxing, tweezing, threading etc. In order for Laser hair removal to be reliable there must be a root to eliminate under the skin.
• You might shave as much as you prefer. Please shave the day of your treatment.
• Do not use any lotion or deodorant on the area that will be dealt with. Avoid the sun and constantly apply sunscreen to exposed areas being dealt with.
Talk to your technician:
• If you have a tattoo.
• if you are pregnant (We’ll not be able to serve you)
• If you are on medication.
• If you have any health issues.
• If you are prone to hyperpigmentation.