If you’re like so many people today, you are very conscientious about the way you look. In days past, if you had unwanted hair, you had only a few options for removal that include shaving, tweezing, waxing, threading, or using hair removal creams.

All of these solutions only offer temporary relief from the problems of unwanted hair growth. As soon as the hair begins growing back, it has to get shaved, plucked, waxed, or threaded once again.

laser hair removal in Brooklyn
The Best Laser Hair Removal Spa 2019

In the case of using hair removal creams, the use of harsh chemicals may irritate the skin, causing rashes, bumps, or hives.

Ultimately, none of these hair removal methods offer a long-term solution to getting rid of hair. When you calculate how much money and time spent buying and using razors, shaving cream, hair removal products, it adds up quickly. If you work with a beauty professional to remove hair, the chances are good that you are paying a great deal more for hair removal services.

Fast forward to the present day, and consumers have better choices for body hair removal that offer long-lasting results without worrying about cuts, abrasions, irritation, or inconvenience. Laser hair removal delivers enduring results that stop hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal For The Win

The best laser hair removal in Brooklyn uses cutting edge laser technology for:

  • Bikini laser hair removal
  • Laser facial hair removal
  • Armpit laser hair removal
  • Upper lip laser hair removal
  • Full body laser hair removal
  • Legs laser hair removal

Unwanted hair in your bikini area, your upper lip, other areas on your face, or your armpits can be a real drag. No one prefers to spend hours in front of a magnifying mirror looking for course, dark, or long hairs growing in places where they are unwanted.

Laser hair removal cuts through this tedious process by destroying the hair follicle where the hair grows. Without a functioning hair follicle, hair never grows there again. Laser technology implements light therapy that targets pigment in the hair. As the light moves from the hair shaft into the follicle, it gets destroyed by the heat of the laser.

As you can imagine, this is an effective way to tackle the issues caused by unwanted hair. Results can last for months after treatment, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive razors or other hair removal products in the near future.

Hirsutism, or unwanted hair, affects nearly 20 million women. It’s not surprising that this can be a sensitive subject for many. As a female, growing whiskers, regardless of whether on the chin, upper lip, ears, chest or shoulders is thought of as an undesirable and a non-feminine trait. That’s why laser hair removal treatments offer a sensible solution.

What Are The Costs For Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn, NY?

According to data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, $235 is the average cost for a laser hair removal session. In most cases, people require between four to six sessions for patients to get the full benefits of laser hair removal. Follow up appointments help to extend the gains of using this therapy.

Individual pricing for face laser hair removal and other body hair removal can vary by provider, based on several factors. One major factor is the different body parts to get the procedure.

Suitable for men and women, laser removal can get used to for removing chest hair, back hair, underarm hair, swimsuit areas, and facial hairs.

In many cases, financing options are available to help spread the cost of the treatments across multiple payments.

Laser Hair Removal For Dark and Light-Colored Hair

Laser hair removal has come a long way in the last few years. This hair removal therapy is effective for removing both dark and light-colored hairs. However, removing lighter colored hairs such as white, blonde, or red can more challenging. Lasers respond to the pigments found in the hair follicle, so darker hair responds quicker to the treatment. Light hair, without as much pigment, may take longer to respond.

How To Prepare For The Procedure

The first step when considering whether laser hair removal is right for you is by consulting with the best laser hair removal provider in New York City. During this initial consultation, you can discuss your concerns with a qualified laser hair removal technician. He or she can assess your interests, offering the best plan of action for hair removal.

This plan of action could include a recommended treatment schedule that targets unwanted hair, as well as a timeline for approximately how long it should take to get measurable results.

If you need time to decide, you shouldn’t feel pressured during this meeting. Instead, you should have all the answers you need to make an informed decision about whether the procedure is right for you. If you need help with financing, they should also inform you of any options they have available through their clinic.

Preparing For The Procedure

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal and deciding you want to move forward with the procedure, the next step is preparing to have the treatments done.

You never want to wax before you go in for laser hair removal treatment. Instead, you should use a new, sharp razor to shave the area to get treated twelve to fourteen hours before the appointment. This step is a must because it prevents the laser from targeting longer hairs above the skin, which potentially causes burns.

Do’s And Don’ts After The Treatments

After undergoing a laser hair removal treatment, some patients may experience a bit of redness and swelling, particularly immediately afterward. If you require any special care, you should receive specific instructions for aftercare. Generally, applying ice to the treated area can help with any pain or discomfort patients may experience.

Before And After Having Laser Hair Removal Results

There is no doubt that people experience dramatic results when they have laser hair removal treatments. People who have felt sensitive about having dark, unwanted, or coarse body hair can feel more confident about their bodies. When people feel confident, it shows through in all aspects of life.