Hair totally free body, a requirement that no longer associated only to the female section of the society as males equally desires to get rid of those unwanted hairs from numerous part of their body. Shaving, waxing, lightening and other hair getting rid of methods can be used all over your body but with certain restrictions, like females can not slash off those facial hairs. Moreover, it is not the irreversible service as they would once again return back on your body. Hence, laser technology is the only long-term solution to treat hairs on those delicate locations. CosMed Laser Center provide the choice of full body hair removal that includes arm, upper lip, armpits, legs, deals with and all those areas where you do not like to have hairs.

Usually, the Laser hair removal strategies are more successful on fair skin and dark hair but the current equipments enable the innovation to work completely even on dark skin. It has been shown as safe and effective method to get smooth hairless skin because the rays never ever cross the 2nd layer of the skin, which is referred to as the dermis. If you are planning to go for a full body hair removal, consult your doctor at Cosmed Laser Spa and get all your queries clear before going for the treatment. The laser rays penetrate in your hair root and pulls it off from the root and cuts out all its opportunities to grow back on the skin. You can choose the target location and treat that particular portion without letting the rest of your skin getting exposed to the laser rays.

If you are doing this for the very first time, do not get afraid due to the fact that laser would not hurt your body. The melanin absorbs the ray without hurting the pores or the skin tissue surrounding the hair follicles. Go for a spot test and understand the tone of your skin if you are worried about the possibility of skin inflammation. This would also help your doctor to understand about the nature of your skin and the essential laser device that can be used for running the hair eliminating treatment. The number of session depends upon the kind of skin, hair thickness, location targeted and a number of other factors. Laser hair removal is a pain-free treatment and it has been accredited by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as long-term hair reduction solution.

In contrast to other hair elimination procedure, laser innovation is more affordable but when you are doing a full body treatment, the cost can increase. The CosMed Laser Center charges vary according to the pattern of hair growth, duration of the treatment, variety of pulse the laser requires to finish a part of body and so on.