a girl's face with big lips after Russian lips fillers injection

How to increase lips volume – cosmetic creams and injectable lip fillers comparison

Cosmetic Creams And Injectable Lip Fillers Comparison What are lip fillers? This is a substance for correcting the shape and volume. Previously, it was used for medical purposes: to fill voids after surgery, to eliminate the consequences of an accident, etc. In the early 2000s, injection contouring became popular. So fillers appeared in beauty salons. […]

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a woman in her middle age before and after sculptra treatment

Sculptra injections for facial volumetrics

Sculptra injections for facial volumetrics Backed by 20+ years of practice with tens of thousands of patients treated, Scluptra® has since 1999 been able to offer people wishing to reduce the marks of time a non-invasive anti-aging treatment recognized by the best practitioners in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Thanks to fruit acid derivatives, Scluptra® naturally […]

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