A Hyaluronic Acid face filler : Juvederm Voluma

Nowadays, specialists in aesthetic medicine do not consider rejuvenation without analyzing the displacement of the volumes of the patient’s face.

Indeed, a young face is rather triangular, the cheekbones are prominent and the chin pointed. As you age, the volume of the cheekbones tends to fall into the lower cheeks and increase the stern and sad look of a face.

Working the volumes in order to restore the youthfulness of a face therefore takes on its full meaning. We will be able to use a very volumizing  hyaluronic acid filler in order to correct the cutaneous  ptosis of the skin, to give volume to the cheekbones, to improve the atrophy of the cheeks.

Volumetric Rejuvenation with Voluma consists of restoring the volumes and contours of the face.


Indications for volumetric remodeling

There are face volumizing products on the market that are injected into the areas you want to add volume and that allow you to obtain natural results that last 24 months. Thus, by restoring the volumes of the cheekbones and cheeks, we will naturally correct the small ptosis of the skin. We can also correct the hollow of the temples with this product.

Hyaluronic acid is the injectable anti-wrinkle agent which, after botulinum toxin, has most revolutionized aesthetic medicine. It has the great particularity of being absorbed by the body over the months. It is in fact an essential element which is naturally present in the skin and which contributes to its hydration. Being perfectly tolerated and resorbable, it requires no prior test and can therefore be injected from the first session. It has a revitalizing effect and promotes the stimulation of collagen synthesis giving the face a real boost of radiance.


Questions  and  answers:


– How does a facial remodeling session take place?

The doctor will anesthetize the injected area (as at the dentist). You will not feel uncomfortable during the injection. Then, the product will be injected using “the cannula”, a round-tipped needle which considerably reduces the risk of bruising. In half an hour maximum, your volumes will be restored and you will leave the cabinet visibly rejuvenated! Note, however, that redness at the injection points may appear but it will be easily masked by a good covering foundation.



– What can you expect from the results?

Immediately after treatment, patients typically find that their facial contours appear fuller and more rounded, resulting in a smooth, rejuvenated appearance. In addition, the vast majority of patients regain the facial contours of their youth.



– What is the cost of injections for face reshaping?

The price of injections for facial remodeling varies according to several elements and in particular – your personal characteristics, the type of product used, the work to be done and the areas to be treated. At Cosmed Laser Center, we often use Juvederm Voluma for this treatment, which is the reference product in terms of quality. Please contact us for your personal consultation and evaluation.